Simple Father’s Day Craft

We made these cards, so sweet and simple.


What you’ll need:

Paper (preferably card stock)


Crayons or markers

Glue stick


Laminator and laminating sheet


Cut paper in half and have child colour on one half covering all the white as much as possible.

Trace child’s hand on the other half of the paper or on a different piece of coloured paper.

Cut out the hand and flip over so that any pen marks don’t show.

Glue hand down over the coloured paper.

Trace a heart shape around the paper with the hand in the middle and cut out.  (Tip: make a template by folding a scrap paper in half and drawing half a heart and cutting it out.  Trace heart template onto the card and cut out).

Write the message on the card “It takes a big heart to hold a little hand.  Happy Father’s Day 20–”  Have child write a message on the back or you write one.

Put through the laminator and cut out.


There you have it, an inexpensive, easy, but sweet card for Daddy.

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