DIY Light Table

If you haven’t made a light table yet, you just have to.  They’re so much fun and kids love them.  And the best part – you can make them so fast and cheap, you might even have everything you need in your house right now.

Here’s what you need: a clear plastic bin and a string of white Christmas lights.  That’s all.  I prefer the regular lights to the LED ones, they have a nice warm glow. Just put the lights in the bin with the cord hanging out, put the lid on a plug the lights in. We have a light table I made out of an old end table but I threw together a second one so both my daughter and my daycare child could work on their own (hoped to stop the fighting, however they then fought over the plastic tub one lol).

Here is the tub one I made and magna tiles on it.

IMG_8954 IMG_8955

Here it is with a colour mixing activity we did.IMG_8956 IMG_8957

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