Love, Love, Love Marble Runs

They are such a wonderful building toy because the child really has to think and plan and predict.  They have to make sure everything balances and has support, they have to make sure it is angled so the marbles don’t get stuck.  And then there’s all the fine motor work.  Marble runs are a perfect STEM toy but even most important, they’re really fun.  And then after all the building they can use it.

This is the run Pumpkin 1 built today all on her own.


Marble Run

Seriously, if you don’t have a marble run and you have kids ages 3+ you NEED to get one.  This is a set from Scholar’s Choice I got a few years ago.  Discovery Toys also carries a set which has a lifetime guarantee.

It’s so much fun to build and it’s really develops logical thinking, planning, engineering skills, prediction.  And it’s really fun for adults to get into.  Pumpkin 1 is able to build little runs herself.

I’m trying to have a new routine where after dinner I play an educational game with the kids.  It’s a great way to bond with them before bed, promote learning in a fun way and have some family time.  So this is what we did this evening.  Now they’re upstairs watching Daddy shave and telling him stories.