Water Beads

Water beads are a great sensory activity.  Kids love them, adults love them.  But, what to do if you have a child who puts everything in their mouth?  They’re supposed to be non-toxic but they are a choking hazard.  Well here you go, safe, edible, non-choking water beads:


Homemade Mini Water Beads - a NEW natural, edible alternative to traditional water beads.  These are so small that they do not pose a choking hazard!

Corn pit


I finally got the corn pit set up.  Pumpkin 1 loved it.  She had fun hiding all her farm animals in the corn.  Great sensory activity and so many ways to play.  I’ll probably also use the corn for a sensory bin for my daycare children and for some pouring and scooping exercises for Pumpkin 1.  I did add some scoops and cups after the photo was taken.  I got the corn at TSC.  It was $12 for a 55lbs bag which was enough for our kiddie pool.  She’s pretty good at not throwing the corn, but I do have to watch her.  However, it’s not hard to scoop into a pile with your hands and put it back in.