Life Cycle Cards

This is a set of life cycle cards for using with the Safari Ltd or Insect Lore life cycle figures.  My kids love using the figures.  We have both Safari Ltd and Insect Lore and they’re both great quality.  You can purchase these sets from Affordable Montessori and from Alison’s.  You can also find them on but they’re rather expensive on there.  These are a great add on if you’re doing a big purchase from one of the above stores, toss a couple into your cart since you’re already paying the shipping.  You may also be able to find them at Michael’s as they sometimes carry Safari Ltd figures.


Life Cycles


Free Printable – Life Cycle of the Robin

There’s a Robin’s nest that we often pass on our walks and today the babies were hatched.  I realized that the kids didn’t know that eggs hatch into baby birds so I created this Life Cycle of the Robin printable which the children helped cut out and glue into a book.  They love the little books that they make.  You could also laminate the cards and make them into an activity or game.

Robin Life Cycle

Robin Life Cycle

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