100 Sticker Chart

I’ve been working on counting to 100 with Pumpkin 1.  She’s pretty good but struggles with the teen numbers.  We have a magnetic 100 chart but she wasn’t too interested in it.  She does however LOVE stickers.  Like really loves stickers and will chose new stickers over a new toy.  I had an inspiration to do a 100 sticker chart.  I found these on amazon but I didn’t really want to order anything else right now (on a strict budget) and didn’t want to pay shipping.  I was at Walmart and found coloured blank circle stickers which were perfect to make my own.  With a marker and a blank 100 chart I printed off I was all set.

It was a big hit.  Even Pumpkin 2 wanted his own.  It’s also great work for fine motor skills


The sticker set did have over 300 stickers and we used them all in one sitting between my kids and my daycare child.  I’ll probably pick up some more to do this again.  I was thinking of maybe a fill in the missing number 100 chart or having the numbers all mixed up rather than in order.

DIY Spindle Box

I haven’t really made too many Montessori materials myself.  There are tons of DIY tutorials for Montessori materials on the Web.  Living Montessori Now has great collections of tutorials if you’re looking to save some money by making things yourself.  However, to make things oneself you have to have time to make it, you have to have time to go to the stores to collect your supplies, you have to know where to get the supplies you want and sometimes it actually costs more to DIY.  Time is something I lack and I have learned that when I make things myself they often don’t turn out right and I wind up buying the actual thing anyway, though now it’s cost me the DIY supplies too.  But when I saw one of the home-made spindle boxes I knew I could do that myself and I had most of the supplies on hand.  Here is the version I was inspired by.  It was quite simple to do and I bought the dowels from the Dollar Store.  I wrote the numbers with fabric paint.  It’s a little advance for Pumpkin 1 but she likes to play with it and have me help her count out the dowels.  The spindle boxes help teach quantities and the concept of “0”.