100 Sticker Chart

I’ve been working on counting to 100 with Pumpkin 1.  She’s pretty good but struggles with the teen numbers.  We have a magnetic 100 chart but she wasn’t too interested in it.  She does however LOVE stickers.  Like really loves stickers and will chose new stickers over a new toy.  I had an inspiration to do a 100 sticker chart.  I found these on amazon but I didn’t really want to order anything else right now (on a strict budget) and didn’t want to pay shipping.  I was at Walmart and found coloured blank circle stickers which were perfect to make my own.  With a marker and a blank 100 chart I printed off I was all set.

It was a big hit.  Even Pumpkin 2 wanted his own.  It’s also great work for fine motor skills


The sticker set did have over 300 stickers and we used them all in one sitting between my kids and my daycare child.  I’ll probably pick up some more to do this again.  I was thinking of maybe a fill in the missing number 100 chart or having the numbers all mixed up rather than in order.

More Counting Activities

My daycare kids seem to be really into numbers and counting these days.  Here are two more counting activities.  The 2 year olds still need help counting but they can match numbers pretty well up to 10.

A large dice the child tosses and then counts the dots and find the corresponding number.


There is a ton of Montessori inspired activities you can do on a magna doodles, plus they’re great for developing fine motor skills.  Pumpkin 1 loves this activity.  I write a number on the magna doodle and she makes the right number of circles or squares to match.  Erase, repeat, over and over and over and over…..IMG_8454


Number Activities

Pumpkin 1 can recognize her numbers to 10 and recently has started counting to 10 (she’s 27 months), but she’s only beginning to grasp the concept of counting objects and relating them to the number symbol.  These are two activities we’re working on.  They are still challenging for her and require my help but she is beginning to grasp the concept.  She may still be a little young for them, they’d be great for a 3 year old.

This first activity uses magnetic numbers and gems.  I put the numbers across the top and the child has to put the right amount of gems below.


The second activity is the opposite.  The objects to count are given and the child has to match the number.  These activity cards can be downloaded from Confessions of a Homeschooler along with tons of other great resources.  Using wood or plastic letters is great for toddlers since they can’t write yet.  It gives them the ability to learn things and do activities that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do


Pumpkin 1 is really into princesses and has to carry around the princess cards I made for her everywhere (as seen in the pictures).  It’s always a panic at bedtime when she has to have them to sleep with and we don’t know where she’s put them!

We’re doing a lot of counting at different times of the day, often when on the potty.  We count fingers, toes, toys, objects on clothing, pictures in books.  There’s always things around to count.