Farm Vocabulary Game for Any Language

I’ve been teaching my children a little Hindi.  Pumpkin 1 is hopefully starting Hindi classes in the fall so I need to step up my game.  I came up with this fun way to learn numbers and farm animal names in any language.


There’s two ways to play.  There’s a cooperative version, which is great when your kids are still little and get upset about winning and losing.  And there’s a competitive version for those kids who thrive on competition.  The game can be played in any language, provided you know the vocabulary to teach your kids.

The animals have escaped and are all around the farm.  You need to go around the board and collect them back.  The dice and counting spaces is a great way to instil numbers in your chosen language.  The animals must be “called” in order to collect them.  In the cooperative version you must work together to get the animals back to the barn before the sun sets.  Whenever you roll a 3 or 6 the sun moves a square on the number strip.  In the competitive version for up to 4 players, there are multiple animals tokens.  A player must collect one of each and get back to the barn before the others.


The PDF includes a game board printable, animal tokens, a sun token, a number strip in English, Devanagari, Urdu, Hebrew, Japanese, Thai and Tamil as well as a blank strip. The download also includes instructions for both versions of the game.

Download, print, laminate, add a dice and playing pieces and you’re ready to have loads of fun!

You can purchase your PDF copy at my etsy store:

Corn pit


I finally got the corn pit set up.  Pumpkin 1 loved it.  She had fun hiding all her farm animals in the corn.  Great sensory activity and so many ways to play.  I’ll probably also use the corn for a sensory bin for my daycare children and for some pouring and scooping exercises for Pumpkin 1.  I did add some scoops and cups after the photo was taken.  I got the corn at TSC.  It was $12 for a 55lbs bag which was enough for our kiddie pool.  She’s pretty good at not throwing the corn, but I do have to watch her.  However, it’s not hard to scoop into a pile with your hands and put it back in.

The Farm

I like the idea of doing Unit Studies as it’s a way to allow me to introduce multiple subjects under one heading.  Pumpkin 1 is interested in animals so I decided to go with The Farm for our first unit study.  We had a planned trip to a farm with the Early Years Center, however that was a disappointment.  It was freezing cold and Pumpkin 2 got fussy and I wasn’t about to nurse him in that freezing weather so we left early.  Pumpkin 1 did get to see a real tractor though which she was excited about.

I printed off some free farm animal nomenclature cards from here and laminated them.  I already had Schleich farm animals from my home daycare (I love these, they’re pricey but they’ll seriously last forever, unless your dog gets one, yea, that’s happened.  I put them in the dishwasher regularly and the colour doesn’t come off at all).  I got out the Fisher Price barn I had and purchased a little tractor.  Pumpkin 1 quickly picked up matching animals to the cards and I was surprised at how much she enjoyed doing it.  She likes to put the wrong animal on the card and say, “Nooo” and then move it to the right card. I didn’t do the word cards yet but I might soon.  Even though she doesn’t know her alphabet, it can’t hurt to see the word with the animal and begin to associate it.  I’m also teaching her French (as I learn it myself) and so I worked on naming them in French with her too.  We sing Old MacDonald and a song I found to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” that goes “Dans la ferme il y a un….”  I have some books about the farm I’ll read to her, in French and English.  I plan to do the unit for about a month.  I’m thinking of a farm sensory bin and a corn pit in an inflatable pool.

IMG_7985 IMG_7986