Story Cubes

Pumpkin 1 has been reluctant to do any writing; to use the moveable alphabet or practice writing her letters.  I was encouraged on a wonderful Montessori Homeschooling Facebook group to try to incorporate more hand writing in daily life since children rarely see us writing nowadays and to also encourage story telling.  Story Cubes were suggested as a medium for story telling.


I picked up a set of Rory Story Cubes from Chapters for $10.  I removed two of the cubes that had more scary pictures on them because Pumpkin 1 is very sensitive but there were still lots left.  She LOVED them.  And I was amazed at how she was able to make up a simple tale using the pictures for ideas.  The kids both love this game of taking turns shaking the cubes and then telling stories (though Pumpkin 2 isn’t able to do it he likes to listen).  I’m thinking of getting a few more cubes but they’re hard to find.  They’re quite expensive on Amazon.  Indigo books/Chapters carries them for less.  I think this is a wonderful way to encourage their imagination, develop their sequencing skills, vocabulary and show them that they have things they want to tell and write.

The second approach I’m taking is a journal.  I got a simple notebook with the primary lines in it and I wrote down a story she told me and I also wrote what she told me to write about what she did today.  I did correct her wording, (“she” instead of “her”) by repeating it correctly and then writing it.  And then I let her draw a picture.  But instead of a picture of the story she drew the cubes and she wrote numbers and letters on the cubes (you can see she started to draw a picture and changed her mind) which was a yay for me since she rarely writes letters and has never written a number so I hope it’s her associating the letters with communicating stories and thoughts and being more excited about writing.


So, when your child is reluctant in an area, instead of forcing it, try to find ways to make things interesting or go back and build more on the foundations.  Also model things yourself.  Let your child see you writing.  Keep a journal yourself if your child is very young.  Retelling their day is also important for emotional development.

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