Spring Flowers Printable and Activities

I’m sooooo glad winter is over.  My goal this summer is to spend as much time outside a day as possible.  As we go for walks around our neighbourhood the kids and I love to check out all the beautiful flowers.  My and Pumpkin 1’s favourites are the Lilacs.  You can smell them before you even see them and there are a ton in our neighbourhood.  It’s almost like a game of Eye Spy to find them.

I don’t know the names of many flowers so I thought it’d be fun to learn with the children.  I made up a set of cards of spring flowers which are available for download from my Etsy store (click image for link).

spring flowers 5

Since my children are too young for 3 part cards what I did was print off and laminate one set and the other set I had them draw pictures of.  For several days I’d give each child a flower picture and we’d glue it onto a piece of paper and they’d draw a picture of the flower.  We talked about the shape of the flower and the colours.  Some children just drew the same flower for every one.  One child I have really surprised me by incorporating all the colours of each flower she drew and the different shapes as her 3 year old ability allowed.  The children loved it.

IMG_0232 IMG_0234 IMG_0240 IMG_0242 IMG_0270


We also did a cut and paste activity on the needs of a plant from here:


And learned about the parts of a plant with a sheet from here:


I hole punched all their papers and put them into a duo-tang.  The children are always so proud of making books and love to look through theirs.

But the best learning happens when you’re out and about.  Now when we go around the block the children are able to name a few of the plants they see and I am able to give the names of some of the others.  Finding flowers and naming them, observing them, counting their petals, talking about their colours, naming the parts of the plant, the children just absorb knowledge like a sponge this way.  In some ways the printables are for me so that I can be ready to give the right names as needed.  These are things that assist and support learning, they’re not the core of learning.  You can use them for crafts, games, making your own flower reference book, learning to read and many other things, but don’t forget to get out there in nature and learn with the real thing.

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