Sailing Paper Boats

It poured rain overnight and was quite warm this morning.  When looking out the bedroom window I could see that there was a huge “pond” in our driveway.  I thought it’d be fun to sail paper boats.  I had them color 8.5 by 11 inch paper with crayons which I then folded into a boat following these dirctions:

Then we got our rainboots and coats on and sailed the boats.  The kids thought it was great fun, though we should have made more boats as they didn’t last long before they became mushy.


IMG_0206IMG_0204   IMG_0207 IMG_0208


And of course Pumpkin 2 fell in.


Though the morning had been warm, it had cooled of and we were quickly wet and cold and the boats mush so we went to the door, emptied the water out of our boots and came inside to play with the boats in a tub of water (which ended with Pumpkin 2 soaking the floor :p )


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