Putting Jasper to Work {Pumpkins and Me Montessori Toy Review}

Thank you This Squirrels’ Nest for the wonderful review and pictures of your cutie!

This Squirrels' Nest

Why yes, I'd be happy to gnaw on that! Why yes, I’d be happy to gnaw on that!

He’s old enough to earn his keep right? Or at least test some toys for another Montessori mom friend. Alisa has an etsy shop Pumpkins and Me where she sells her Montessori and Waldorf inspired toys. Jasper was selected to test some of her baby toys in exchange for this review. We received the toys only and no other compensation.

Pumpkins and Me Set Pumpkins and Me Set

I loved unwrapping this box. They are really beautiful, smooth, buttery wood. The finishing is beeswax and jojoba oil so it was safe for Jasper to mouth. Which of course he did. All things in the universe go in his mouth. His favorite items by far have been the rattle, which also rolls along the floor. He finds that an engaging game. Roll toy. Chew toy. Roll toy. The simple wooden rings are also a big hit. He…

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