I missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday.  I was really busy trying to finish making gifts for my Pumpkins for Purim.  So I thought I’d share some pictures from our fun today.

I thought, since dressing up is part of the holiday, dying playsilks would be a great tradition.  It’s the first time we’ve done it.  I bought plain silk scarves from the Dharma Trading Co  I went with the 35×35″ Habotai scarves.  I always thought playsilks were expensive and why were they any better than just scarves you can buy for cheap.  Once I felt the silk though, I understood.  It’s just lovely.  So smooth and lightweight yet strong, with a wonderful drape.  I fell in love with them.  We dyed them with food colouring following recipes I came across online.  It was really easy and they turned out beautifully.  The kids loved them.


Dying the scarves with food coloring.


Lovely colors!



Then of course you have to make hamantaschen cookies for Purim.  We used apple butter for the center.


I also told them the story of Esther.  I’m trying to do more story telling instead of reading from books.  It was hard for the kids to understand at first (“but where are the pictures?”) but then I found they listen with rapt attention, something they don’t always do for books.

Finally, after dinner I gave my Pumpkins their gifts I had made.  A Waldorf bunting doll and wool felt horse for Pumpkin 1 and a wool crochet dog for Pumpkin 2 (his horse is still in process of being made).  Gammie and Grandaddy also came for a visit to make everything complete.

IMG_0072 IMG_0074 IMG_0077

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