No Sew Waldorf Inspired Sock Doll


There’s something special about a doll you make yourself for your child.

” ……a handcrafted doll is one of a kind, an individual which carries the spirit of the maker in its stitches and absorbs the spirit of the child who loves it”.

You don’t need a lot of skill or expensive materials to make a simple doll.  Infact, you don’t even have to sew to make this one.  This is what you need:

-1 knee sock in a skin tone

-2 regular patterned socks


-scrap fabric


-small square batting




-doll making needle

-embroidery floss

First thing, take a piece of scrap fabric and start wrapping yarn around it to make a ball.


After you have your ball of yarn, take a square of batting, double thickness, and put the ball in the center and gather the batting around it.  Tie the batting tightly with some string just below the ball.


Next tie a string tightly around the center of the ball to form the eye indentation.


Now take your knee sock and cut the foot off.


Tie the sock where you cut it off tightly.


Insert the doll head right up to where it’s tied off.


Tie the sock just below the head to form the neck.  Now start filling the sock with rice.  I used a funnel to help.


Once the sock is as full as you’d like it, tie off the bottom with string.


Now this part is optional.  You can sew on eyes and a mouth with embroidery floss or you can draw or paint them on or leave the face blank.  I sewed them on.

First use pins to mark where you want the eyes and mouth to be.


Then thread your long needle and push it through from the inside of the eye to the top of the head.  Remove the needle and knot the thread and put tight from the front.


Make the eyes by rethreading the needle on the other end and inserting it to the outside edge of the eye and through the head coming out on the inside of the other eye.  Repeat on the other side and repeat again.  Then insert the needle on the outside of the remaining eye up through the head and knotting the thread at the top of the head.


Repeat the process for the mouth only knotting at the back of the neck.


Next take your other sock and cut the ankle off.


Put the sock on the body of the doll as a blanket.  Cut the other sock across about the middle of the foot and roll up the edge to make a hat.


And voila – an adorable sock bunting baby for your child.  So simple and so quick to make.


When I gave Pumpkin 1 her new baby she said, “I love you Mommy!  I love it!”.  I was actually surprised that she fell in love with it so much.  She was singing to it and rocking it.  She names the doll “Quinn”.  Children really don’t need fancy toys.  They just need toys made with love which they can fill with imagination.

IMG_9763 IMG_9764

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