Goodnight Poem

I’ve been researching Waldorf to incorporate it into our family life.  It has similarities to Montessori but lots of differences.  One of the things I like about Waldorf is the daily rhythm and the creation of family traditions.  These are things that make childhood magical yet are simple to do.  One aspect of this is using poems and rhymes to mark transitions during the day.  I’ve been trying to find a poem for bedtime but didn’t find one that was just right.  So I made my own.  Here it is:

The sun’s gone down

The moon is high

It’s time to sleep

Now close your eyes

Snug and cozy

In your bed

With lots of kisses

On your head

May Angels come

Watch over you

And Jesus keep

You safe too

It’s time to sleep

Now I must go

Don’t make a peep

I love you so


1 thought on “Goodnight Poem

  1. Hi there, lovely blog 🙂 we are striving to incorporate some Waldorf into our family rhythm too and reading you post is very inspiring x

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