Australia Continent Box

I love geography.  I think I’ve already said that.  I’m working on Continent Boxes.  The first one we did was Australia because Pumpkin 1 kept talking about it and it was the easiest to put together in terms of toob figures.  These are our little objects.

IMG_9224 IMG_9225

They mostly came from the Safari Ltd Down Under Toob.  The Moai came from the Around the World Toob. The Sydney Opera House I ordered off of Ebay, as well the kookaburra I got off Ebay too.


I had an extra iguana from a Wild Republic tube.  I made a card for it but I haven’t printed it yet.  Here is the set of cards I made: Australia Cards  We keep them in a suitcase like box from the Dollar Store.


I also included picture cards from Montessori Print Shop and these books from Amazon


The small book is great for young children.  The big book is more for older kids but you can go through and talk about the pictures with younger children.  I also printed off a map of Australia, Oceana and New Zeland and laminated them.  Down the road I hope to add money from the area and other knick knacks as I acquire them. Other ideas of things to include are: music, recipes, movies, flags, dolls dressed in local clothing.

The Continent boxes are designed for opening discussion and dialogue with children.  It helps increase vocabulary and well as give children an understanding of the great world around them. Your box can grow over time.  If you have friends travelling, perhaps they can bring back little souvenirs for your box.  But if not, there is a lot of things available on ebay or you can stick with photos and books.

If you’re looking for ideas for gifts these holidays the Safari Ltd Toobs are great.  The more you have the better for making Continent boxes and they can also be used for Sound Boxes and biomes.  Schleich animals are also great and I’ll be using them for some of my other Continent boxes.

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