Is that really schooling?

Pumpkin 1 has discovered lacing beads and it’s her new thing.  She likes to make Mommy necklaces to wear.  At first she struggled to lace them but now she has it mastered and can do it more quickly.



Some might say, “Is that really schooling?” and yes, it is!  Lacing isn’t just a life skill but it helps refine the fine motor skills in preparation for learning to write.  To lace a bead a child has to hold their hands really steady and it also requires coordinating both hands to work together.  Also anything that gets a child concentrating is important for the Normalization of the child.  There are many activities like this, that some would define as just “play” but are actually learning and preparation for further learning.  Trust the child to know what they need to learn and follow their sensitive period.

We purchased the below lacing beads (click image for link).

When purchasing lacing beads you want to make sure that the inside of the bead is smooth so that the lace doesn’t get caught and frustrate the child.  There are lots of other lacing beads out there.  Melissa and Doug has a set, but some of the reviews say that the inside isn’t smooth.  For a younger child you can start off with large hollow pasta noodles and a pipe cleaner.  Another option is the below toy from Hape.

Some people tape the end of the lace so that it’s easier to put through the bead as it’s more rigid.  And don’t forget to tie a knot in the other end.  I found this was the best way to tie the end.  Just a knot or two, the beads still came off with any pressure and upset my daughter after all her hard work.  This kept them on securely.


Eventually we’ll move on to smaller beads as she refines her fine motor skills.  Since she loves making necklaces so much, we might try these, they’ll be a lot lighter around Mommy’s neck!

1 thought on “Is that really schooling?

  1. That’s interesting. You’re right, lacing beads takes a lot of fine motor skills. My son tried it several months ago and wasn’t really ready for it. I pulled them out again recently. Now he’s gotten the hang of it and enjoys it. We have the Melissa and Doug set, and haven’t had any problems with our set.

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