Sometimes Storms Come

So I’ve been MIA for a few months.  I was hoping to have exciting news to share with you, that we were expecting pumpkin #3!  I get severe morning sickness so spent May-July throwing up and mostly lying in bed.  It was just miserable but it was for a good reason.  Sadly, at 16 weeks we found out that the baby had passed away.  It was and is a difficult time as I struggle with missing the baby and having spent the summer sick and now only have the winter ahead and no baby to look forward to.

We’re trying to get back into a routine, daycare has started again this month. Pumpkin 1 forgot a lot over the months I was sick but her language skills have improved a ton and she talks a mile a minute, always saying new things she picks up like, “Mommy, you’re driving me nuts”.  We’re working on speaking sweetly and politely, so she says that as sweetly as she can lol.   And Pumpkin 2 developed a lot of skills and some of the Montessori infant materials I had for him he was already able to accomplish when I finally got them out.

School registration is coming up in a couple months and I’ll be registering Pumpkin 1 for French Immersion but I’m still undecided whether to homeschool or not.  I still have a year to decide.  Pumpkin 1 talks about school a lot and taking the bus because she loves watching Franklin and he takes the bus and goes to school.  I know she’d thrive there.  But I think she can also thrive at home with a Montessori based education.  It’s a huge decision with so much to consider.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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