Gluing for Todders

I can’t take credit for this as I saw it on a blog (I can’t remember which) but thought it was a great idea and wanted to share.  If you work with toddlers you know that it’s hard for them to use a glue sticks.  However, they like to glue things to pages.  Here is a simple solution that makes gluing easy for them.


Pour glue into a container (if you use one with a lid you can save any remaining glue and use it again).  Mix it with a little water.  Give the child a small sponge to use to soak up the glue and spread it on their paper.  I found these sponges on a stick at the dollar store.  They were perfect.  When done squeeze out any extra glue from the sponge and wash them.  Put a lid on the remaining glue and use it again later.  It is a little messy as the children dripped the glue everywhere but it wipes up easily and the children were very excited to do the pasting all by themselves.

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