Geometry for Toddlers

The other day my mother was playing with a shape sorting toy with Pumpkin 1.  She held up a shape and asked my daughter what it was.  Pumpkin 1 looked at it, took a deep breath and said, “Triangle based pyramid”.  My mom was astonished.  lol.

The geometric solids are a wonderful material for toddlers.  They love to hold the bright blue smooth shapes.  Don’t be afraid of the large sounding names.  Toddlers are ripe for language learning and pick it up much easier than you expect.  You can being using the geo-solids as soon as your child knows how to be careful with them, not mouth them and not throw them.

Geometric Solids.jpg

The first activity with them is to hold them, feel them and learn their names.  I started with a few shapes and added more over time.  Next I taught Pumpkin 1 about the base and we’d match them with the base.  She picked that up quite quickly, I was surprised that she understood what the “base” of the shape was, but she did.


After she was able to match them well I brought out cards with pictures of the shapes on them for her to match.  This helps a child to develop the ability to picture a 3-d object in 2-d.  You can download these cards from here


Now we are working on matching pictures of objects to the geometric shape they are.  This is a little tricky because the child has to look at a flat picture and imagine the object in 3-d and then relate that to the 2-d picture of the geo-solid.  You can download the cards used in the picture here.

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