Stained glass window

Since I do daycare I’m always looking for fun, affordable crafts to do with the kids.  Play at Home Mom blog has some great ideas.  I saw this one they had a while ago but I wasn’t sure how to hang it since I’d never come across suction cups at the dollar store.  The last time I was there though they had the self standing plastic picture frames and I thought they’d be perfect.  That way the kids can put them anywhere.  I bought the glass gems at the dollar store and we used white glue.  First we put something under the frame so it’d lie flat.  The glue will also drip off so put something underneath to catch the mess.  We took the lid off the bottle and poured it on.  Then we used glue spreaders to coat the frame.  Then the kids stuck the gems on.  We let it dry overnight and voila!  They’re so pretty and so easy to make.  Great craft for toddlers as long as they’re not putting the gems in their mouth.



Oh, and do try to get the stickers off.  We had trouble getting them off so I just left them on, but it turns out they weren’t as hard to take off as I had thought.

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