Magnetic Sensory Bin


This is easy to put together and a great way to explore magnetism (please note that this bin is for children who do not put things in their mouth.  Magnets can be very dangerous if swallowed.  If you want to put a bin together for a younger child, make sure you use materials that they can’t choke on or swallow).  What you need is a large magnet and a variety of magnetic and non-magnetic materials.  The child can then sort them into magnetic and non-magnetic.  I learned something too, not all metal is magnetic.  Pumpkin 1 was more interested in the magnetic balls that came with the magnet.  She pretended they were a snake and when she discovered that by putting the magnet near the snake it’d move, she thought that was great.  My daycare child was more into the sorting between types of materials and then she thought it was fun how the magnet would pick up all the paperclips.  They did fight over the magnet and I thought of purchasing another one.  But I decided not to.  It’s important for children to learn to share and co-operate and having one for everyone takes away from learning that skill.  Also, I’m trying to be more minimalist in our toys and having one for everyone defeats this purpose.  I’m hoping, when I’m done all my other books I’m reading to pick up this one:

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