Muffin Tin Meals

I came across this at a blog I love  (I wish I could visit her house).  Pumpkin 1 is a VERY picky eater (payback for what I did to my mom) and enjoys nothing more than throwing her food to the dogs (who wouldn’t love watching them madly fight each other for her scraps, she thinks it’s hilarious).  Anyway, I thought it would be something to try with her.


So, has it helped her to eat better?  Not really, but I do find the visual helpful for me when trying to put together a healthy lunch that she’ll eat some of, it encourages me to find something for each cup.  It also keeps things from mixing and causing her to freak out that there’s yogurt on the chicken nugget and lets her choose what she wants to eat in what order.  It also contains messes a little more and is hard to flip like a bowl.  The muffin tin I bought from the dollar store and I can always use to bake in later.

1 thought on “Muffin Tin Meals

  1. With two dogs in my house when Heidi and Desi were in high chairs, I remember the suction-cup bowl we once had really helped to stop the ‘flipping-bowl-watch-dogs-scrap-for-it’ scenario!

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