Fizzing Fun

I saw this on another blog, I can’t remember which one but it seemed fun and easy to set up so we gave it a try the other day.


It’s a tray with baking soda and then cups of vinegar coloured with food colouring.  The children used eye droppers to suck up the vinegar and squirt it onto the baking soda causing a wonderful, colourful fizz.  Pumpkin 1 wasn’t able to figure out the squeeze/squirt motion of the using the eye droppers and she wouldn’t let me show her how so she just had fun swirling the eye dropper in the vinegar or in the baking powder and causing little fizzes.  My daycare 3 year old was able to do it though and had a great time.  I actually eventually emptied the soaked tray and refilled it.  It’s a great way to practice the pencil hold and to strengthen fingers and increase fine motor skills.  It’s also a good cause and effect activity and science experiment.  There was some color mixing too, and most important, the children had fun.  It also was easy and inexpensive to set up and not too messy (if you don’t count spilled vinegar as a mess, if anything, my table got a good deep cleaning lol).

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