Math and Music

Pumpkin 1 knows the names of the numbers from 1-9, she doesn’t know how to count yet and doesn’t understand these numbers equal amounts of things except for 2.  When she has 2 of something she’ll say “2”.  To encourage her exploration of numbers I purchased this number pegboards  I thought a long time about purchasing it but I’m so glad I did.  I only gave her the cards 1-4 with just the right amount of pegs to start with.  She’s pulled it out several times to play with.  Not only is she learning the concept of numbers, but exercising fine motor skills as well.


Pumpking 1 LOVES music.  She’s always singing and dancing.  Music is so important for learning and with winter coming, I want to work in more gross motor skills indoors.  So today I put on a cassette tape (yes, I still have some of those and a player) of Bollywood dance music.  We don’t have actual playsilks, though I’d love to purchase some from here, but we do have a few regular scarfs.  The kids use them for so many things – dress up, blankets, baby clothes, and today we used them for dancing.  Pumpkin and I waved them and also did a “follow the leader” type of dancing with them. She loved it and out danced me. Pumpkin 2 enjoyed watching all the activity.


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